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Chapter 8 : Survival Of The Fittest

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Chapter 2 : A Morning Star
Chapter 3 : The Cursed One
Chapter 4 : The Vanquished
Chapter 5 : The Insurmountable
Chapter 6 : The Vulnerables
Chapter 7 : Her Last Voice

Tara took out her cell phone and looked at its screen, it showed the words "Private Number". She saw JJ move out of her room. She saw something was suspicious in JJ's behavior, but she ignored it, her mind was fixated on the phone number.

"Hello ! Tara Dutta here, who is this ?"

There was a distinct crackle heard in the other side. She raised her voice a little, and said, "HELLO ! Who is this ?"

"Your worst nightmare." The voice was cold and rough.

Tara was frightened and her heart started beating faster. All her repressed childhood memories came back to life, and a drop of sweat trickled down her forehead. She wiped it out and asked, "Listen mister, don't play any games with me understand ?"

"Do you think we played games with you when you were a child ?" He asked, with the same tone of voice he'd used earlier.

Tara got furious and screamed, "Who are you ? What do you want ?"

"If I told you what I wanted, would you have given it to me ?" The words were clear and sound.

Tara's heart was ready to give out any moment.

"Sophia sent her regards to you when she was in our custody." he chuckled.

A tear escaped from her eyes when she heard Sophia's name. Gathering all the courage that she could at that moment, she said,

"Where should I come ?"

"Wednesday, 10.30 pm, Gandhi Park." The phone call was cut and Tara knew what to do.

                                                             * * * * * * * * * *

The entire church was filled with deathly smokes of fire and everyone cried for help He struggled to breathe, and coughed repeatedly. His movements were swift, and he struggled to make his way out of the church.

The cross had fallen on the ground, and all the inscriptions and figurines on the church window were burning heavily. He kicked a burning bench with his legs and narrowly missed being hit by a falling chandelier. He kept on dodging every obstacle and continued walking, with his mind focused on just one thing, "Survive". He'd been tested many a times, but he managed to stay alive at the end of every trial.

He could have chosen otherwise, but he never wanted to miss the pure satisfaction he got from all his sins.

Finally, as he escaped out of the burning church, he laughed, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! I've made it."

It was pure animalistic survival instinct, anything else would've been too subliminal. He quickly covered his face in his hood, hearing the blaring sirens of fire-engines and people trying to put out the fire. Nobody cared to look at him due to the distraction and he joyously entered into the Maruti Swift that was waiting for him at the side of the road.

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