Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cricket Fever Is Here...!!!

Lo and behold, Pepsi IPL 2014 is here !!! Now, where did I keep my K.K.R T-shirt ??? Ah, here it is...... Ugh, it is dirty... Wash it in the washing machine. Now, it looks shiny clean...

But, hey !!! Semester exams are starting in April :( God !!! Who invented these EXAMS ??? Hmmm..... Let me think... Now, I search for the time-table of both exams & IPL Matches.... Good lord !!! There is an exam on the day of KKR match.... No problem, I'll try to study while keeping myself updated with the website.....

Infact, is a boon for us cricket crazy fans. There is no television set in our hostel, so the only source for cricket scores is The old website was a little too rusty in its approach, but its improved version with live streaming of the matches & score updates has captured our attention & grooved us into it.... Most of the cricket fans in our hostel are saying, "Kanna, keep calm, & watch Pepsi IPL in"

Coming to cricket craze, I've been addicted to watching this game for more than 16 years, as of now... This craze was passed over from my dad to me.... One-day matches, test matches, sixes, fours, LBW, all these terms were tuned into my mind right from my childhood... But from 2008, a new word was added to the list I.P.L !!! Ever since its inception, it has enhanced my cricket craze.

I used to eagerly wait for the day when the IPL match timetable was published on the newspaper, cut it out & plan my activities accordingly.... I've always been a KKR supporter from the beginning & I even got a chance to go to a KKR Vs CSK match at Chennai... It was the best experience of my life. I bought the KKR T-shirt from there & treasure it alongwith a miniature bat signed by Sachin Tendulkar.

Sometimes, if I don't get an opportunity to watch a KKR match, I use my phone to know the scores. is a saved page in the Opera mobile browser of my phone & I've been scolded for wasting my phone balance on this..... If this is not possible, then there is always the quote, "Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai !!!" by which I send a text message to all my contact numbers asking for the score.... Many have found me pestering but still I don't care.....

Okay, time to go to watch the next KKR match !!! "Khorbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo !!!"

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