Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Malaysia-My Dream Tour

As a traveller, I need to satisfy all my 5 senses of perception when I am on my travails. Of course, some of these senses remain unsatisfied, but I guarantee that a trip to Malaysia will help me enhance all the five of them.


Malaysia is no doubt the best place for replenishing my eyes, since it is home to a large number of beautiful sceneries and wonderful landscapes. The Petronas Towers, Langkawi Islands, Cameron Highlands, Mount Kinabalu, etc are sights that I do not want to miss at all. I also have a desire to take a peak into the sea world through scuba diving. I really need to see how the colonial era was, hence I want to go to the Fraser's Hill, and get to know more about the Malaysia of the1900s. There are a wide variety of national parks in Malaysia, which I would love to visit. Bornean Orangutans are a class of endangered species found only in Malaysia & Brunei. It would feel good to see them and their way of living. Last but not the least, I wish to see the traditional dance forms of Malaysia namely, Sumazau, Candle dance, Joget, Datun Julud, etc.


I am a person who likes the smell of fresh air and mud. Malaysia can satisfy my appetite for smell since it contains a lot of perfumes and scents. As I go on a hike to Mount Kinabalu, I wish to smell the air around it and rejuvenate my olfactory senses. I would also love to smell the air around Petaling Street Market which is famous for "Nasi Lemak" or coconut rice. The Pudu Market is no exception to my nose as it contains almost every fruit, vegetable, fish and meat known to us. Malaysian beaches are famous, so I would love to smell the ocean and the sand.


Music is one of the best creations of mankind until now. And Malaysia is just the country for it. The Rebana Ubi, or the giant drums are art forms that need to be kept alive. Listening to them, I wish to travel to a world filled with music and joy. The Kompang, Gambus and Sape are musical intruments that I would love to listen to. Other than that, the noise around the street markets are enjoyable, to the core. The Malay language is as old as the 7th century, A.D. Hearing such an old language being spoken is a great gift to my hearing sense.


Food to Malaysia is like water to a fish. Each and every part of my tongue will be satisfied when I start eating Malaysian foods. The national food of Malaysia, Nasi Lemak is the first on my diet followed by Roti Canai and Kaya toast. The food in Malaysia is heavily influenced by three major cultures, Malay, Chinese, and Indian. I want to eat all the three types of foods in order to satisfy my rather big appetite. Noodles have always appealed to my taste buds, so I want to try out bi hoon, kuay teow, yee meen, etc. I have always been a great fan of soups, hence I'll be having a taste of Sup Kambing, Sup Tulang, Sayur Lodeh, Pan Mee, Curry Mee, etc.


It would be thrilling to experience the touch of fresh air on my cheeks while I am standing on the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Malaysia is well-known for its spas and massage centers. A small visit to them would refresh my whole body and make it calm and composed. I would like to rejuvenate my dosage of vitamin-D by sunbathing in Sipadan Island & Pulau Perhentian.  The touch of fresh sea water to the body is very beneficial to the body hence, I would want to play in the beaches of Langkawi Islands and Pulau Sibu.

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