Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A "Face-Off" To Remember !!!

"Face is the index of the mind."

In a bumbling crowd of people, our eyes seem to notice only a few of them. Have you ever wondered why ???

The main reason behind this is their faces. We always tend to notice their happiness and the same spreads everywhere else too.

A well-groomed and clean-shaven face gives us the boon of getting noticed by many people. The face is the first body part that everyone notices in us. All that is inside us comes secondary. A happy and smiling face helps us to make a good first impression. A cleanly-shaven chin is an added advantage.

Try to smile in front of the mirror with a full beard. Then try to give a smile after shaving. Your smile gets accentuated and it is notice-able from miles ahead.

Maybe this is the reason why all the emoticons and smileys have a cleanly shaven face !!!

Many actors are also cleanly shaven so that their emotions can be easily noticed by the audiences and will be able to connect with them instantly. A man with a coarse beard is usually seen as a complex person whose life is full of complications.

"Simplicity is the utter sophistication."

Every time you shave your face, your friends and co-workers start to notice a sudden change in your day-to-day activities. Shaving helps you in a psychological way too. It increases your levels of self-confidence and gives you the essential much-required boost in your personality traits from time to time.

On a conclusive note, I say that I'll step up whenever the right time comes, and say yes to a well-groomed face to be at my best everyday !!!

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Friday, 10 October 2014

The Green Coalition Network

Green Coalition Network is an independent non-governmental environmental advocacy organization that was informally founded in the year 2000. Green Coalition is dedicated to improving public health standards, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development & ethical business.

We provide practical eco-friendly solutions that integrate long-term economic prosperity and sound social development, thereby bringing about real positive change. We implement this by influencing public opinion, building constructive partnerships with industry and the government and promoting community and corporate programs focused on youth & public participation.

Support: environmental awareness, environmental education, environmental advocacy, public health, fair trade, sustainable development, Third Sector Consulting

Note: We want more active volunteers and members. You can also have a look at our current requirements at the page below

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Chapter 8 : Survival Of The Fittest

Team Name : Writers' Den
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Chapter 1 : Mens Rea
Chapter 2 : A Morning Star
Chapter 3 : The Cursed One
Chapter 4 : The Vanquished
Chapter 5 : The Insurmountable
Chapter 6 : The Vulnerables
Chapter 7 : Her Last Voice

Tara took out her cell phone and looked at its screen, it showed the words "Private Number". She saw JJ move out of her room. She saw something was suspicious in JJ's behavior, but she ignored it, her mind was fixated on the phone number.

"Hello ! Tara Dutta here, who is this ?"

There was a distinct crackle heard in the other side. She raised her voice a little, and said, "HELLO ! Who is this ?"

"Your worst nightmare." The voice was cold and rough.

Tara was frightened and her heart started beating faster. All her repressed childhood memories came back to life, and a drop of sweat trickled down her forehead. She wiped it out and asked, "Listen mister, don't play any games with me understand ?"

"Do you think we played games with you when you were a child ?" He asked, with the same tone of voice he'd used earlier.

Tara got furious and screamed, "Who are you ? What do you want ?"

"If I told you what I wanted, would you have given it to me ?" The words were clear and sound.

Tara's heart was ready to give out any moment.

"Sophia sent her regards to you when she was in our custody." he chuckled.

A tear escaped from her eyes when she heard Sophia's name. Gathering all the courage that she could at that moment, she said,

"Where should I come ?"

"Wednesday, 10.30 pm, Gandhi Park." The phone call was cut and Tara knew what to do.

                                                             * * * * * * * * * *

The entire church was filled with deathly smokes of fire and everyone cried for help He struggled to breathe, and coughed repeatedly. His movements were swift, and he struggled to make his way out of the church.

The cross had fallen on the ground, and all the inscriptions and figurines on the church window were burning heavily. He kicked a burning bench with his legs and narrowly missed being hit by a falling chandelier. He kept on dodging every obstacle and continued walking, with his mind focused on just one thing, "Survive". He'd been tested many a times, but he managed to stay alive at the end of every trial.

He could have chosen otherwise, but he never wanted to miss the pure satisfaction he got from all his sins.

Finally, as he escaped out of the burning church, he laughed, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! I've made it."

It was pure animalistic survival instinct, anything else would've been too subliminal. He quickly covered his face in his hood, hearing the blaring sirens of fire-engines and people trying to put out the fire. Nobody cared to look at him due to the distraction and he joyously entered into the Maruti Swift that was waiting for him at the side of the road.

Read the next chapter in here;
Chapter 9 : Res ipsa loquitir

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Jog

"Hate is the last stage of fear. We start hating people when we are afraid of them or when we are afraid for them."

My name is Rose Williams and I live in Chennai, very near to the beach. I was 11 years old when my father died in an accident. He used to work in a software company in Mumbai and he used to come home every month. My mom was a house-wife who looked after me dearly and cater to all my needs and deeds. She'd a bachelor's degree in engineering and helped me in my studies and homework. My mom was forced to work in the software company after my father's death. She was a quick-learner, and became a HR manager in no time. She started to concentrate more on her work and her entire personality changed from that of a simple house-wife to a complicated HR manager. In the meantime, I started to focus on my attention on sports & I became a volley-ball player, one of the finest in my school. I also became very moody and was often called into the principal's room for behaving rudely with the teachers & students.

It was one of those days when I'd been scolded by the principal & I'd just returned from school. I was texting with my boy-friend Rohith, a sweet 17 year old boy who'd just moved into the neighborhood with his parents. My mom stormed into my room.

Mom (Angrily) : "I heard you were scolded by the principal for rude behavior again."

Me (Turning towards mom) : "It is none of your business. By the way, who gave you permission to enter my room ?"

Mom : "Listen girl, you are my daughter. Just because you're 16 years old, doesn't mean that horns have grown over your head." (Phone rings) " Hello ! Yes sir, I'll be there in 15 minutes." (To me) "This conversation is not over"

I was surprised yet again. The same thing used to happen all the time, and the conversations were usually broken by a message or a phone call. I resumed my texting. Apparently, Rohith was flirting with me and I didn't want this to end at all. Afterwards, I went to the refrigerator, on top of which I found 100 Rs that my mom had kept for me for food. I then ate at a restaurant and went to sleep.

I was woken up at 5.30 by the sharp alarm tone on my phone. I sleepily brushed my teeth, and wore my track suit. I waited for my mom to come out. It had been a custom in my family to go on jogs everyday regardless of whether we spoke with each other or not. Before my father's death, we were a happy and a close-knitted family who enjoyed nature. We used to make jokes and sing songs during the early mornings. But after that fateful event, everything faded into nothingness. My mom started listening to songs on her i-pod in order to forget all those happy memories. The jogs now became a way for her to stay fit and healthy. She never talked with me about anything. So, I too gave her the "silent treatment" as a punishment.

My mom at last came out, wearing a blue track suit and listening to her i-pod. You know, for a 48-years woman, she was quite attractive and was the role-model for all the ladies in the neighborhood.

We started jogging on the pavement near the beach. I was fresh with excitement, so I began running a bit faster than my mom. But in about 10 minutes, I started taking heavy breaths, so I slowed down and ran slowly. I stopped to look at my mom, who was nowhere in sight. I waited for a few moments and turned my head. There she was, jogging at the same pace she'd started from our home. In no time she caught up to me, but never stopped to see me. I again resumed jogging, but, had difficulty in catching up-to her. Suddenly, I saw her disappear some-where into the alley. I went to see what happened, but she could not be found. There were a few garbage cans nearby. I didn't go near them since they were stinking horribly. I searched for a while, but couldn't find her. I got terrified but then she emerged from the garbage cans suddenly. Her hairs were spread out, & her i-pod was not there.

She came to me & said, "I fell down in there & my body hurts. Let's go home honey. I am covered with dirt." I had a deep feeling that something was not right, but I calmed down & rented an auto nearby to take her home.

On the way, she was looking at me with some sort of sadness in her eyes. I grew really uncomfortable, and asked her not to stare at me like that. The auto driver also was looking at me with surprise. I told him to stop looking & drive us home.

I helped her out of the auto and paid him. He was still looking at me. "What a pervert !" I thought, and helped her into our home. It was Sunday, so I used to stay at home. She even went to office on Sundays too. I told her, "Amma, don't go to office today. You're hurt and you need to take rest."

Mom (With tears in her eyes) : "It has been a long time since you called me as "Amma" !!!"

I was surprised to hear that. Usually, I never used to go to her regarding any problem. Call it ego or anything, but I always kept my problems to myself. But today was a bit different. Unknown to my senses, something was going on between me and my mom. After all these years, I was still inclined to call her "Amma".

Me : "You are always my Amma, whatever be the situation."

Again, I never knew why I'd uttered those words. It was like my mind had no control over my tongue. Somewhere in my mind, I craved to speak with her.

She hugged me and gave a kiss to my cheek. She said, "I'll always love you my child. No matter what happens, you are the apple of my eye forever."

I was astonished by her words. I never knew she could be so emotional !!! It was for the first time in my life that I was actually speaking with my mom. Always, we used to fight with each other for silly reasons.

I suddenly got to my senses and said, "What has happened to you amma ! You've changed a lot."

She replied, blinking away the tears through her eyes, "I've changed girl. From now on, I promise to look after you like I used to, before your father died."

My heart began to thump with excitement on hearing her words. This change was what I was expecting in her. Suddenly, her phone rang. She switched it off and kept it aside, saying, "Today, I spend all my time with you, my child ! Now tell me, what do you want to do ???"

I told her we could go to a movie, to which she agreed. We got ready and went there. I reserved two tickets and on the way, the ticket collector looked at me suspiciously. We ignored him and went into the theater. It was almost noon by the time we finished watching it. We went to a nearby mall, ate some food, and bought clothes. Even in the mall, I could sense some people staring at us. I'd been used to people staring at me, so I simply let it go.

In the evening, we played in the beach, and all those faded memories were re-lived by us. At night, I slept in her lap for a while. Afterward, she told me to sleep in my bed, and that she accompanied me. We slept peacefully, after so many days of fights & quarrels.

I was woken up by the alarm on my phone. I saw her sleeping peacefully near me. It was the second day of my life with my mom & I was really excited. I was again the early bird & waited for my mom.My mom came out, but she looked really sad today. I tried to ask her the reason, but she only said, "Hate is the last stage of fear. We start hating people when we are afraid of them or when we are afraid for them." We started jogging together. The moment we reached the alley, my mom suddenly disappeared into thin air.

I searched for her everywhere, but I couldn't find her. Then, my instinct told me to search near the garbage cans. I began rummaging through the hordes of waste materials when all of a sudden, I found a hand sticking out of the pile. I removed all the waste and there she was, lying dead.

I was totally terrified, and it was then that everything struck me like lightning. I called the ambulance, & they told me that she'd died from heart attack exactly one day ago. And, since the garbage cans were no longer taken care of by the municipality, nobody could find her dead body yesterday

Now, I realized, why the auto-driver, the ticket collector at the theater, the people at the mall & restaurant, even the people at the beach, were all staring at me.

Now, I knew why she didn't eat the whole day, all the while saying "I am not hungry, I always observe a fast on Sundays."

Now, I knew why she'd said that she wanted to spend the whole day with me.

All the time I spent with my mom yesterday was rolling around in my mind, saddening me for every second.

All the words she'd spoken were exploding in my head, creating smokes of pain & regret.

All the excitement I felt while buying clothes, was striking my head like missiles.

Epilogue :

The experience was so traumatizing, that I went to Bangalore to stay with my aunt. Even though, I looked normal on the outside, all my memories I had with my mom were burning me from the inside.

Now, after two years, I set foot on Chennai again. I've got a seat in an engineering college here. I never stopped the habit of jogging. In fact, in those two years, I became the athletic champion of my school. I always think of catching up to my mom before starting any race, & I always win. All the memories come to life again, when I begin jogging in Chennai for the first time, after 2 years. I reach the alley, to find the same garbage cans near which I'd found my mom's body. I close my eyes in sadness.

On opening them, I see a faint silhouette of my mom approaching me from the garbage cans, with spread-out hair, saying, "I fell down in there & my body hurts. Let's go home honey. I am covered with dirt."

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Black is the new blue !!!

School days are the most cherished ones in our lives. We'd give anything to have those days back. Those were the days when I realized the true beauty in BLACK. Here are a few things I desire for in black......
1. Hair : I've been brought up with the notion that black hair is the best fashion statement a man can give. I am extremely careful in grooming my hair. Nowadays, white and greying hair is quite common in college people. I pray to God that I have black hair always !!!

2. Shoes : Right from the beginning of my schooldays, I've been told that black and shining shoes are the trademark of a gentleman. Since then, I always used to polish my shoes daily in order to keep them squeaky clean..... As of now, my old shoes have torn off and I strongly desire a new set of shoes.....

3. Car : Lamborghini is my favourite car brand and I am willing to even sell my soul in order to get a black one.... I mean, just look at it !!!

4. I - Phone : Technology forms a major part of our lives, believe it or not.... I have always been in awe of i-phones ever since their release. Not many colours are there in i-phones, but still, for some reason, black i-phones have always attracted me.....

5.  Cat : I do not like cats !!! But why do I desire for a black cat ??? Whenever other people come towards me to hurt me, or to scold me for writing this blog-post consisting of my wishes, I would let loose the cat in their way to give them bad luck !!!

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dil Jhumping Jhapang Jhampak Jhampak !!!

The moment I changed the calender from March month to April, two things came into my mind :-

1. April Fools Day

2. IPL

The April Fools Day was spent trying to con others into various pranks & shouting "April Fool !!!".... The other one was IPL. It meant a whole new version of cricket fever & excitement... As the fever grips everyone by the appeal & advertisements, we start preparing for the IPL opening ceremony to begin..... Many of our beloved cricketers from all over the world join hands & fight it out for the IPL trophy.....

This cricket fever is soooo intense that it can never be cured..... It affects even the non-cricket fans &  makes them debate over their favourite teams..... There are some people who slyly switch sides & provide long speeches on why they chose that team !!! Others remain true to their teams & show support to their teams even in dire times.... has helped in spreading this cricket fever substantially.....

#KannaKeepCalm is the new anthem of the public & is also a quietening line for many over-anxious cricket fans.....

By its live video streaming of the IPL matches, has been a gift for the cricket fans...

And, match recaps are a boon for software professionals who can't find any time to watch TVs & are needed to remain glued to their laptops & computers for the whole day !!!

It has enabled the software company employees to see the matches during their office hours, college going youths to watch them during exam times, & house-wives to be updated with the scores during their household chores !!!

I was a cricket fan right from the time when I was 7-8 years old..... It was passed on from generation to generation...... Pre-IPL, I was not affected by the cricket fever, but the moment IPL was started, I was hooked to it.... Its appealed hard to my senses & gave me a new reason to love cricket.... And its timing (after the exams) was really cool & helped me pass on the extremely long summer vacations.... As the sun scorches our skins & generates sweat, our minds remain focussed on the IPL matches !!!

I've done all sorts of crazy things in order to keep myself updated with the cricket scores..... I'd been caught peeking into the houses of others only to know the scores..... I've been scolded by my mom because I used up all my money to activate GPRS in my mobile phone & use the internet to be updated with the scores..... My friends have chided me for pampering them to tell me the scores...... I spent hours near a Panasonic TV shop looking at the IPL match going on........

The IPL has infected cricket fever among the public in such a way that given the choice between drinking watermelon juice & watching IPL matches to protect from the scorching sun, IPL comes first !!!

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cricket Fever Is Here...!!!

Lo and behold, Pepsi IPL 2014 is here !!! Now, where did I keep my K.K.R T-shirt ??? Ah, here it is...... Ugh, it is dirty... Wash it in the washing machine. Now, it looks shiny clean...

But, hey !!! Semester exams are starting in April :( God !!! Who invented these EXAMS ??? Hmmm..... Let me think... Now, I search for the time-table of both exams & IPL Matches.... Good lord !!! There is an exam on the day of KKR match.... No problem, I'll try to study while keeping myself updated with the website.....

Infact, is a boon for us cricket crazy fans. There is no television set in our hostel, so the only source for cricket scores is The old website was a little too rusty in its approach, but its improved version with live streaming of the matches & score updates has captured our attention & grooved us into it.... Most of the cricket fans in our hostel are saying, "Kanna, keep calm, & watch Pepsi IPL in"

Coming to cricket craze, I've been addicted to watching this game for more than 16 years, as of now... This craze was passed over from my dad to me.... One-day matches, test matches, sixes, fours, LBW, all these terms were tuned into my mind right from my childhood... But from 2008, a new word was added to the list I.P.L !!! Ever since its inception, it has enhanced my cricket craze.

I used to eagerly wait for the day when the IPL match timetable was published on the newspaper, cut it out & plan my activities accordingly.... I've always been a KKR supporter from the beginning & I even got a chance to go to a KKR Vs CSK match at Chennai... It was the best experience of my life. I bought the KKR T-shirt from there & treasure it alongwith a miniature bat signed by Sachin Tendulkar.

Sometimes, if I don't get an opportunity to watch a KKR match, I use my phone to know the scores. is a saved page in the Opera mobile browser of my phone & I've been scolded for wasting my phone balance on this..... If this is not possible, then there is always the quote, "Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai !!!" by which I send a text message to all my contact numbers asking for the score.... Many have found me pestering but still I don't care.....

Okay, time to go to watch the next KKR match !!! "Khorbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo !!!"

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Malaysia-My Dream Tour

As a traveller, I need to satisfy all my 5 senses of perception when I am on my travails. Of course, some of these senses remain unsatisfied, but I guarantee that a trip to Malaysia will help me enhance all the five of them.


Malaysia is no doubt the best place for replenishing my eyes, since it is home to a large number of beautiful sceneries and wonderful landscapes. The Petronas Towers, Langkawi Islands, Cameron Highlands, Mount Kinabalu, etc are sights that I do not want to miss at all. I also have a desire to take a peak into the sea world through scuba diving. I really need to see how the colonial era was, hence I want to go to the Fraser's Hill, and get to know more about the Malaysia of the1900s. There are a wide variety of national parks in Malaysia, which I would love to visit. Bornean Orangutans are a class of endangered species found only in Malaysia & Brunei. It would feel good to see them and their way of living. Last but not the least, I wish to see the traditional dance forms of Malaysia namely, Sumazau, Candle dance, Joget, Datun Julud, etc.


I am a person who likes the smell of fresh air and mud. Malaysia can satisfy my appetite for smell since it contains a lot of perfumes and scents. As I go on a hike to Mount Kinabalu, I wish to smell the air around it and rejuvenate my olfactory senses. I would also love to smell the air around Petaling Street Market which is famous for "Nasi Lemak" or coconut rice. The Pudu Market is no exception to my nose as it contains almost every fruit, vegetable, fish and meat known to us. Malaysian beaches are famous, so I would love to smell the ocean and the sand.


Music is one of the best creations of mankind until now. And Malaysia is just the country for it. The Rebana Ubi, or the giant drums are art forms that need to be kept alive. Listening to them, I wish to travel to a world filled with music and joy. The Kompang, Gambus and Sape are musical intruments that I would love to listen to. Other than that, the noise around the street markets are enjoyable, to the core. The Malay language is as old as the 7th century, A.D. Hearing such an old language being spoken is a great gift to my hearing sense.


Food to Malaysia is like water to a fish. Each and every part of my tongue will be satisfied when I start eating Malaysian foods. The national food of Malaysia, Nasi Lemak is the first on my diet followed by Roti Canai and Kaya toast. The food in Malaysia is heavily influenced by three major cultures, Malay, Chinese, and Indian. I want to eat all the three types of foods in order to satisfy my rather big appetite. Noodles have always appealed to my taste buds, so I want to try out bi hoon, kuay teow, yee meen, etc. I have always been a great fan of soups, hence I'll be having a taste of Sup Kambing, Sup Tulang, Sayur Lodeh, Pan Mee, Curry Mee, etc.


It would be thrilling to experience the touch of fresh air on my cheeks while I am standing on the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Malaysia is well-known for its spas and massage centers. A small visit to them would refresh my whole body and make it calm and composed. I would like to rejuvenate my dosage of vitamin-D by sunbathing in Sipadan Island & Pulau Perhentian.  The touch of fresh sea water to the body is very beneficial to the body hence, I would want to play in the beaches of Langkawi Islands and Pulau Sibu.

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V !!!

These are well known keyboard shortcuts commonly found in our day-to-day life. Everybody tries to "Copy" from others and "Paste" it into their lives. A few incidents that i experienced, prompted me to think extensively about this and write about it.

In the place where i live, laptops are a local craze, almost everyone i know owns a laptop and uses it for various purposes. Many have even advised me to buy one for myself too, but i strongly refuse, reason being my age (At this age, whatever habit we inculcate, becomes addictive & is difficult to leave). The non-owners have to ask for others laptops (which, most don't like to do). Because of this reason, they too are forced to buy a laptop for themselves. In this way, the trend continues, just like the "Copy" & "Paste" functions of the computer !!!

So, why did i tell you about this ??? Oh yeah..... Originality !!!

It is truly said,
"You should always strive to become one out of a million, not one among a million !!!"
How can we become one out of a million ??? When we were born, we never had any qualities of our own, everything was showered upon us by our genes, and the rest is being developed by looking at others and,..... well copying (Yes, yes, copy-paste is necessary for us). Then you might ask, where can we develop originality from ???

Everyone is unique in this world. Each and everyone has different levels of sympathy, anger, excitement, humour sense, etc. For the same beggar, one person may give 1 Re, another will give 10 Rs, and there are others who never give any money at all. Believe it or not, everyone is fighting to showcase & maintain his/her originality in all daily life activities. But, in this unending fight, a lot of people lose hope and start to do what others have been doing, thus losing their originality in this process. The moment we stop fighting, we become one in a million.

In case of a job interview, why is it that a person who's scored merely 75 % gets the job & the person scoring 95 % is not at all taken into consideration ??? It is mainly because the 75 % scorer is more unique & suitable than the 95 % scorer, who has been wasting his time preparing for the exams, rather than developing his originality.

Okay, now a question arises, how to recover back our lost uniqueness ??? This takes time, but the very second you realize this truth, you have been given a second chance to repair all your wrongdoings & try to establish your uniqueness in this society. It is only then, that we'll be different from the rest of the pack.

I know a lot of you have experienced defeat by the rising competition. But time is always there, you will surely get rewarded by what you strive for in this society, because everyone deserves a chance/opportunity. If you can make the most of it, then yeah, you've been cured of this crazy "Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V" syndrome which seems to be spreading like wildfire in our country.

It is time we raise our voice against plagiarism in the society. Our India is a unique nation composed of original thinkers like Aryabhatta, Sushruta, Srinivasa Ramanujan, C.V. Raman, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Satyendra Nath Bose, and the list goes on.... Let us follow in their steps and prove our originality to this world.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Patience..... Patience !!!

"You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it."
Many of you might have heard/read the story of the greedy farmer who killed his chicken which was yielding golden eggs, instead of waiting patiently for another one.

Right from the beginning of the day, when we wait with a bucket in our hands waiting for our turn in bathing, to the dinner served on our plates, our patience is tested like Agni-Pariksha !!!

Nobody has the practice of writing letters today. SMSes, e-mails, Whatsapp, etc have changed our lives in a tremendous way. It is long-gone the ritual of waiting for the postman to ring our door-bell shouting, "Post !!!". The thrill & the suspense which our previous generations have experienced, coupled with hundreds of questions on what the reply would be like, have been reduced to merely a few seconds and minutes.

The queue system plays a major role in examining our levels of patience. No one will be willing to go out of the queue, fearing the next person will take his place. Some people use influence to finish their jobs quickly. A lot of people tend to push the person standing in front of them in order to indicate their lack of patience.

Waiting for the food in a hotel is truly a "Sathya-Sodhanai" (Tamil for "Truth-Testing"). We anxiously glance at the waiter, and get both excited & angry when he brings our dish of choice, but instead gives it to another customer !!! It has also been asked in a comedy show why the name "Fast-Food" is kept for food which are not even delivered early !!!

When we were small, we all used to take joy in little jobs of arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. All of us used to celebrate happily, if our answer to the arithmetic question was right. But now, where have those moments of happiness gone ??? We idly press a few buttons in our calculator and write down the answer flashing on the screen.

Most of us prefer auto-rickshaws, taxis, bikes to go even to the next street. Walking has been reduced to a morning activity, the rest of the day is spent sitting down on a chair and working.

We spend hours on facebook, idly scrolling down our home-page, and watching other people's facebook profiles. But waiting for even a few seconds seems like eternity.

Simple things in life are to be appreciated by us. After all, life is made up of such simple & small things. As Laura Teresa Marquez said,
“When we get impatient because something is taking too long, we should remember that Life waits on us a thousand times more than we wait on Life.”