Friday, 23 August 2013

Confusion Confusion Everywhere !!!

"Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood." 

Recently I came across this quote when I was browsing the internet. The moment I finished reading it, my whole mind drifted towards the daily life situations in which we usually get confused. In this modern life, confusion is almost everywhere.

When we are getting ready for another day at school/college/office, we get confused while deciding what dress to wear for the day. In fact, according to a worldwide survey, almost 10% of a woman's life is spent in thinking of a way to avoid wearing the same dress again !!!

The confusion which arises after getting out of our room/house is a big one. We tend to over-think whether we have locked correctly, whether all the switches have been switched off, whether the gas cylinder is closed, etc. We are satisfied only after returning and checking.

When we start going through our phone contacts, we get confused whether the girl/boy with whom we no longer have contact will reply to our text messages or not. We send a “Hi, long time no see !!!”. If there is no reply, then again a text “U der ???” No reply again ??? Move on to the next number !!!

When we are given home-assignments at our class, we get confused at the topic given to us. Whether we have to share the topic with another person, the submission date, all pose to be a big question mark for us during that time. Our  fb status will become  “Got an assignment, but don’t know the topic :)”. It will start getting likes and comments stating, “Oooohhh :(”, “Then don’t write, go to hell !!!”, “U idiot, your topic is xyz”, etc.

When we enter a hotel, we never have any idea of what to eat. Some of us start to sincerely browse through the menu card for half an hour and in the end, finally settle over with a simple cup of coffee !!! The amount of tips also poses to be a great problem. 5 Rs, or 10 Rs ??? The waiter stands beside us looking expectantly. The name “Waiter” sure fits for that guy !!!

The confusion arising while searching for an address is significant. We keep on getting confused what colour house it is, after how many blocks the house is, whether the house is on the left or right side of the road, etc. Finally, after having found out the address, hilarious answers emerge from us, "That shop-keeper told wrongly", "Many houses looked just like this, so I got confused", “Signal was weak, so I couldn’t properly hear what you were saying”, and the ultimate "This idiot (A friend whose harmless suggestion would have been misunderstood) took me the wrong way !!!"

Whenever we enter an ATM, a huge confusion arises as to how to insert the credit card ??? Where should the black coloured bar on the card go ??? The left side or the right side ??? Suddenly, the ATM will start screaming for no reason and we have to wait until the screaming stops. The security guard observes our actions, doubting whether we have come to withdraw money or steal the whole ATM itself !!!

A whole new range of confusions crop up when two beautiful girls/boys emerge from nowhere into a public place like a bus stand or railway station. And all the present problems like, the train/bus is late, got to reach house quickly,…. will cease to exist and only one question will be transpiring in our minds, “Who among the two will be a good match for us ???”

During Raksha Bandhan, I saw my friend feeling sad, staring intently at a gift package. I asked him the reason for his sadness. He told, “My ex girl-friend has got another new boy-friend !!!” I advised him not to worry and to love his present crush a lot more. A tear escaped from his eye and he replied, “She is even worse. The moment she heard that I love her, she brought her parents to my house and her parents forced her to call me as brother !!! And now she’s sent me a Rakhi and her parents invited me to their house to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with them there !!!”

So, I made him stand up and narrate our school pledge, “All Indians are my brothers and sisters !!!”

Feeling confused ???

Oh come on !!!