Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Hand At Poetry :)

Hello, my dear readers !!!

Hope u found the previous article of mine (Whistle-blowers) quite informative :)

When I was in my 11th std, I had this weird notion of becoming an English poet. Seriously !!! I had tried a hand at it during my leisure hours :) As is the case with all well-known poets, I began with the simplest of poems and even managed to write a complex poems. Here are some of the samples....

The first one was used in one of my online voting list on www.think.org

Some say 13 is lucky
Others say 13 is unlucky
What do u say ???
Is 13 lucky ???
Or is it just a prank of a monkey ???

The Sun

What is the sun ???
It is a red hot bun
weighing a countless tons.
Gravity makes the earth run
continuously around the red hot sun

What is in a name ???
Is it an acronym for fame ???
Or is it just the same
as all the other games ???

Teachers treat all boys
as if they are plastic toys
which make unnecessary noise
But, teachers seldom know that boys
have their own sorrows and joys.
They make "Noise"
only to share the joys
of knowing the girl's choice
of the boy,
with whom they'll share all their sorrows and joys.

People are in love,
they do not know how ?
They think they fly like doves
which always bow,
whenever they see cows (Friends & parents ;)
These are modern people in love,
as they are, and will be now,
and then, always.....

Boys Might
Boys have the right
to show their everlasting might
in front of girls who do not bite.
But what happens ???
Girls always like to look
at boys who have a book
& at boys who love to cook.
So, my advice is, never show your might
in front of modern girls as they will never give any sight.

Spread your mood
Spread your smile,
It walks for miles.

Spread your sorrow,
It gets postponed tomorrow.

Spread your anger,
It is hung in a hanger.

Spread your surprise,
It pays everyone a price.

Spread your doubt,
It tells you what it is about.

Spread your pain,
It gives you big gains (New friends)

Hence, always try to spread your moods,
They make you very good !!!

The pool
The day was cool,
A big-headed and fat-bellied fool
wearing a raincoat made of wool
accidentally fell into a swimming pool
and started to drown and drool.
A savior jumped into the pool
and by using a stool,
as his most precious tool,
pulled the big fat fool
out of the swimming pool !!!

Some of the lines look silly, but I simply used them for the sake of the rhyming words :) I hope I have not wasted your time by making you people read these simple poems of mine :)