Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hello everyone :)

Just wanted to let u all know that I've been nominated for the "SUNSHINE AWARD" by two of my best G+ friends +A Long and +Katherine Vucicevic....... A big thanx to both of them for nominating me for such a great award :) They have been encouraging me right from the time when i put up my first post on this blog......

+A Long is a wonderful writer who's a very energetic and cheerful person....... He's the best person to go to if u have any doubts in ur writing abilities........ Three cheers A Long :)

+Katherine Vucicevic....... No words to describe her...... Being the first person outside India to read my blog, she's been very supportive of my writing abilities........ She is a fabulous writer and is on her way to publish her first sci-fi novel "Otura" in December. Presently, she's spending lots of sleepless nights on her laptop writing her 2nd novel....... Hats off to u Katherine :)

The rules for accepting the award are:

  1. Post the Sunshine Award logo.
  2. Answer a few questions about yourself.
  3. Nominate ten fellow bloggers worthy of this award. 
  4. Announce their nomination on their blog. 
  5. Link a pingback to the nominator’s blog.
Some Facts About Me :-

Favorite Color ??? Red and turquoise

Favorite Animal ??? Lion- The undisputed king of the forest :)

Favorite Number ??? 3 and 5- I don't think many of u might have observed this..... I always have a tendency to put three question marks whenever possible. 5 is a number which I adore the most because of its uniqueness in generating a number ending with 0 or 5 whenever multiplied or divided by any number :)

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink ??? Lemonade, Coca Cola

Favorite Alcoholic Drink ??? I am just a college student....... I don't think I am mature enough to drink alcohol.....

Facebook or Twitter ??? I prefer Facebook over Twitter since a lot of people from both my school and university use it....... And it provides us with a nice opportunity to connect with each other easily........

My passions ??? Family, Friends, Biotechnology, Writing, etc

Giving or Receiving Gifts ??? Both of them end with a surprise and satisfaction :)

I nominate the following people who have inspired and changed my view towards the world with their writings........

+Katherine Vucicevic  http://sci-fi-novel-otura.blogspot.com.au/

+A Long  http://ajwrites57.blogspot.com/

+Jasveena Prabhagaran  http://thoughtsandviewsthatmatter.blogspot.com/

+Timothy Hurley  http://thelunaticassylum.blogspot.in/

+Bhawana Bhowmik http://meraasma.blogspot.in/

+Shanique Roca http://bznaturalista.blogspot.com/

+Bhawana Bhowmik is an amazing writer......... Right now, she's trying to write Haikus a Japanese art form (expression through poetry, the meaning of life, situations depicting nature) and needless to say, she is a PRO !!! Keep practising +Bhawana Bhowmik I know one day you'll become famous all over the world with your thoughtful Haikus :)

+Shanique Roca...... The Belize miracle-as I would like to call her....... She has a natural flair for writing and is an outstanding personality......

+Jasveena Prabhagaran One of the best writers and awe-inspirers ever..... She plans to change this world with her writings and thoughts...... A born revolutionary, her writings have that capability to change anyone's mind........

+Timothy Hurley "Doc", as I call him, is a natural humorist...... After having served in the field of medicine for over 30 years, he gradually became a short-story writer........ Pretty soon, he'll start interacting with everyone through his blog..... Eagerly awaiting your writings doc :)

I'd started writing because of a few words of encouragement from my mentor-a phd scholar in our university and a few of my seniors....... I would like to heartily thank them for providing continuous support for whatever I write......

Lastly, I again thank +A Long and +Katherine Vucicevic for nominating me for this award, even though I don't think I am not much worth enough for this, since there are thousands of people out there in this world, making a difference with their writings.........